Upcoming Litters at Dallas Doodles

Welcome to your first step towards expanding your family with a Dallas Doodles puppy. This page details our eagerly awaited upcoming litters, highlighting the breed sizes, expected dates, and availability. Whether you are interested in a medium/standard or a mini Goldendoodle, you can start by clicking the "Apply Here" link to join a litter-specific waitlist. Our lists are updated regularly to ensure you know exactly which puppies are available and which have already found their future homes. Join us in the exciting journey of puppy parenthood—your new best friend is just a litter away!

Discover the Doodle Differences

Learn more about the unique appearance and characteristics of our beloved doodles. Whether you're interested in the lush fur of a Goldendoodle or the distinctive patterns of a Bernedoodle, we have all the details you need.

Goldendoodle Appearance Bernedoodle Colors & Patterns