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My name is Ashley, and as the heart and soul behind Dallas Doodles, I've woven my passion for animals into the very fabric of our home. Nestled in the serene backdrop of Dallas, Georgia, our 10-acre horse farm is a haven not just for our family, but for our animals too. Alongside my three children, Brock, Maddox, and Reese, our adorably sweet doodles, Chloe and Lizzy, and our majestic horses, we share a life filled with laughter, love, and the pitter-patter of furry feet.

At Dallas Doodles, our dream is to bring into your lives puppies that are more than just pets; they are companions with outstanding temperaments, ready to flourish in their forever homes. Our commitment to their health, structure, genetics, and overall well-being is unparalleled, and we do this all within the warmth of our family home, not a kennel. Here, every puppy is enveloped in love, becoming a cherished member of our family until the moment comes for them to join yours. To ensure our puppies are the most well-rounded family, service, and therapy dogs, we incorporate early neurological stimulation and raise them following esteemed curriculums like BAB (Puppy Behavioral Adjustment Balance) and Puppy Culture. These programs have proven invaluable in shaping the physical and emotional development of our puppies, preparing them to be calm, confident, and sociable members of any household.

This family-first approach lays a solid foundation for each puppy, ensuring they have the best start in life and can seamlessly transition into their new family environment. It's about more than just care; it's about preparing them for a life full of happiness and companionship.

We take immense pride in our breeding program, which is not only built on the highest standards of parental testing but is also fully state and county licensed. This meticulous process guarantees we're offering healthy, sound puppies ready to join your family. Our goal is simple yet profound: to provide the perfect addition to your family, nurtured with love from our family to yours.

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Dallas Doodles Parents

Dallas Doodles Parents

What Our Families Say

Our Gana Certification

A Testament to Our Care.

We are classified as a Gold Level Certified Breeders business, which is the highest level badge awarded by the well-respected organization, GANA. This certification attests that we adhere to elite ethical standards and certify thorough health testing of every breeding dog within our program. Our yearly GANA certification involves their rigorous review and approval of our program, health clearances, practices, and policies. You may always contact GANA directly to confirm our standing as members in good standing. Although GANA does not govern our Bernedoodle breed, Dallas Doodles holds our Bernedoodle dams and sires to the same Gold Level qualifications. We are also recognized on Good Dog as an ethical and commendable breeder, maintaining all necessary certificates and testing requirements to uphold this prestigious certification.

Commitment to Health

Upholding the highest standards.

We only use the TOP quality health testing labs. All of our breeding of dams (females) and sires (males) includes health testing for hip dysplasia and have certificates with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and/or E-Vet, a lab run by well renowned veterinarian, Dr. Kent Wallace. OFA also certifies our dogs’ hearts, elbows, patellas, and eyes. Other DNA tests include– but are not limited to –all common diseases for specific breeds. We do a full DNA panel on each breeding dog, and each testing panel is listed under the dog’s biography.

Extensive coat testing is done as well. We do furnishing, color, curl and shed testing on all breeding dogs. All breeding parents must pass all levels of testing to be eligible to be our elite breeding stock. As you can tell, we are very thorough with our health testing to only breed the elite level of Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles. We take testing extremely seriously.

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