Welcome to Our Puppy Room

At Dallas Doodles, the health and overall well-being of our puppies are paramount. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring every puppy receives expert care and socialization before joining their forever home. Regular updates, photos, and videos from their first weeks of life are available here to share their growth and development.

The Whelping Box

Each mother enjoys a personalized whelping area where puppies are born and nurtured. Dubbed a "puppy doula," I assist each mother throughout the delivery process. The whelping boxes are designed to allow mothers to safely exit for breaks where they access food and water. Post-delivery, we ensure the mothers receive extra calcium and a nutritious diet including cooked chicken and fresh scrambled eggs. Our whelping areas are monitored around the clock with video surveillance to ensure the safety and security of the mother and her puppies. We use "anti-mud dog mats" at each entrance to reduce dirt and germs, maintaining a pristine environment.

The Puppy Station

The Puppy Room features a dedicated "Puppy Station," meticulously designed to monitor and support the early stages of our puppies' lives. During the critical first two weeks, we meticulously weigh each puppy twice daily, ensuring all puppies are developing healthily and gaining weight as expected. The station is equipped with a comprehensive birthing rack, complete with all the necessary tools and linens to provide a safe and sanitary environment. For maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, we use "Rescue," a top-tier veterinary-grade cleaning solution. This ensures that our puppies' environment is not only nurturing but also impeccably clean, safeguarding their health from the very beginning.

Play Yard

When puppies reach 3.5 to 4 weeks old, they graduate to the Play Yard. This space is designed to foster their budding personalities and encourage playful interaction. Equipped with a toy slide, jungle gym, designated potty, and nap areas, the Play Yard is a place of discovery and learning. Teething toys are also provided to help them manage discomfort as they grow.

Outdoor Play Yard

Our outdoor Play Yard is a thrilling extension of our indoor facilities. Bordering our horse pasture and adult dog yard, it offers unique socialization opportunities as the puppies interact with horses and observe other animals. The yard is equipped with grassy areas for potty training and features the same play structures as indoors to provide continuity in their learning. During the summer, we set up pools to keep the puppies cool, ensuring constant access to water. A seating area allows guests and staff to comfortably watch the puppies enjoy their outdoor adventures, always under careful supervision.

Our Commitment to Lifelong Health

At Dallas Doodles, we are not just raising puppies; we are nurturing the next member of your family. We instill foundational habits and health practices that last a lifetime. Our holistic approach to puppy care ensures that when a Dallas Doodles puppy joins your family, they are not only physically and emotionally prepared, but also have the best start possible for a long, happy life.

"Dallas doodles is the best of the best! Ashley and family provide a nurturing environment for the puppies that stands out when the puppies go to their forever homes! We absolutely love our Golden Doodle Cinnamon. Cinna is loving caring and truly a best friend companion."

- Anna Lovell