Guardian Home Program

At Dallas Doodles, we are passionate about our small, family-oriented breeding program designed to produce exceptional companions, suitable as both family pets and potential therapy or service animals. Our breeding dogs are cherished members of our family and enjoy a full, interactive daily life. Through our Guardian Home Program, we extend this quality of life to all our breeding dogs by placing future breeders with compassionate guardians. As a guardian, you provide a nurturing environment for a young puppy, while we retain ownership and breeding rights. If you meet the following essential criteria, you may be the perfect candidate to join our program:

  • Understanding communication is key to being a successful guardian home.
  • Have a fenced-in backyard.
  • You need to live 60 minutes or less from Dallas, Georgia.
  • Able to use the vet of our choice.

Explore the possibility of becoming a guardian and share in our commitment to raising healthy and happy puppies. For more information and to apply, please contact us directly or fill out the form below.


Hello! One day, while browsing Facebook, I stumbled upon the cutest puppy ever from Dallas Doodles. When I saw that Ashley was seeking a guardian home, I jumped at the opportunity and quickly reached out to her. We welcomed our adorable Ellie, also known as Vanellope, into our lives on July 9th. I am utterly convinced that adopting her was one of the best decisions I've ever made for both my daughter and myself. Ellie's temperament is flawless, her teddy bear-like appearance is just stunning, and her loving nature truly makes our family complete. Ashley took great care in choosing the perfect dog for us, and for that, her thoughtfulness and deep understanding of our needs cannot be overstated. Ashley and her family have become an integral part of ours, and we are profoundly thankful.


Becoming a Guardian family for Dallas Doodles has been an incredible gift to us. Izzy joined our family during a challenging period for our eldest daughter. To say she was a blessing for all of us would be an understatement. Working with Ashley has been wonderfully straightforward. She manages to make her role seem effortless, even though I'm aware it involves considerable work. Over the past two years, Ashley has become a dear friend, and our conversations have stretched far beyond just doodles. As first-time guardians, we often have many questions, but Ashley is always just a phone call or text away, always ready to help. Her passion for these doodles surpasses that of any breeder we've known, and it truly shows. Our family feels privileged to be a part of Dallas Doodles and to have formed such a meaningful connection with the Fuller family.

Harley Mae

One of the most rewarding decisions we've ever made was to become a guardian home for our delightful bernedoodle, Harley! We are profoundly grateful to Ashley Fuller and her family for entrusting us with such a spirited and joyful companion. Becoming a guardian has enriched our lives immensely, and we can't praise Ashley enough for her guidance and support throughout the process. If you're considering becoming a guardian home and have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me a private message—I’d love to share our positive experiences with you! Ashley has a way of making the entire process seamless and stress-free. Her dedication and professionalism shine through in every interaction, making it clear why Dallas Doodles is so respected. Joining the guardian program not only brought Harley into our lives but also introduced us to a community of caring and supportive dog lovers.


We thoroughly enjoy our role as a guardian home with Dallas Doodles. It’s comforting to know that our beloved Georgia receives the utmost care whenever she's not with us. Dallas Doodles ensures that all guardian dogs receive comprehensive medical attention throughout every stage of pregnancy. Opting to be a guardian home has been perfect for our family, making it financially feasible for us to welcome hypoallergenic dogs into our lives—a possibility that might have been out of reach otherwise. We are immensely grateful for the guardian home program offered by Dallas Doodles; it's truly enriched our lives by bringing us our dear Georgia, and now, our second guardian pup, "Bailey.

Nala & Willow Mae

I have immense appreciation for Ashley and the Dallas Doodles program! My family has been involved since its inception, and Ashley's commitment and affection for the dogs have always stood out to me. Her profound expertise, comprehensive knowledge, and heartfelt compassion have exceeded all my expectations. We have two dogs from her program, Nala Lou and Willow Mae. Initially, Nala was meant to be just a pet, but our desire to engage more deeply with Ashley’s work led us to become guardian homes for both Nala and Willow. We adore our girls and are thrilled about our ongoing journey with Dallas Doodles. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to enrich other families with puppies from Nala and Willow.