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At Dallas Doodles the health and overall well-being of our puppies are very important to us.  We want to make sure every puppy is expertly cared for and socialized prior to going to its forever home.  Please check back often for updated photos or videos of your puppy’s whelping area.


The Whelping Box

Each individual mother has her very own whelping area with whelping boxes where puppies are delivered. This is where I help hand deliver puppies with mom from start to finish. I have been called a “puppy Doula” from time to time.  Each mom needs a “mom break” so moms can safely come and go out of the whelping boxes as needed where her food and water are stored. After delivery, we feed extra calcium called “Healthy Bone” and help supplement food with cooked chicken and fresh scrambled eggs. 

We have 24/7 video surveillance monitoring of each “whelping area” to ensure the mom and puppies’ safety. We put special “anti-mud dog mats” outside each momma’s area to cut down on dirt and germs that can be tracked into the puppy’s whelping box. 

Puppy Station

Our room is equipped with a “Puppy Station”. This is where we weigh our puppies 2xs a day for the first 2 weeks of life to ensure everyone is gaining weight properly. We have a birthing rack with all equipment needed and linens. As you can see we use “Rescue” which is a veterinary-grade cleaning solution.

Play Yard

At age appropriate time, usually 3.5-4 weeks of age, puppies are moved to the “Play Yard” area. This is where the fun and personalities start to bloom. We place a toy slide, jungle gym, potty area and nap area. I have to say the slide is the most popular.   We also have one outside as well. Will be pictured below. 
All these items truly help with the exposure, the level of socializing and boost their confidence overtime. They have items to help with teething as they start cutting teeth. This items keep them busy and focused in between ENS and culture sessions. 

Outside Play Yard

Our outside “Play Yard” is probably my most favorite! Our play yard area backs up to our horse pasture and adult dog yard. Often the horses will come say hello and seeing the puppies reaction is priceless! They are exposed to the grass and working on potty training. (Weather permitting) 
We have added the slide and jungle gym outside. This truly brings a different level of training, exposure and care for our Dallas Doodle pups. Puppies have access to water at all times  While being outside and in the summertime we will fill a pool up for those hot days! 
We have placed a sitting area outside for guest and myself to observe while being outside. All puppies are monitored by a on staff personnel.

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