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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Ashley was very responsive and patiently answered all my questions. From our very first interaction, I knew she was the right breeder for us. She listened to what we were looking for and made recommendations on puppy personalities that would be the best fit for our family. You can tell that she takes excellent care of her pups and mommas while they’re with her. We’re in love with our Dallas Doodle!!

Harrison Family – Woodstock, Georgia


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We had a great experience with Dallas Doodles! Ashley was very informative and helpful throughout the whole process and so sweet to my boys on selection day. We are so happy with our puppy – Penny 🙂

The Shearer Family – Atlanta, GA


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I could not say enough great things about how seamless and organized Ashley makes this entire process! I was a little anxious about everything in the beginning but Ashley happily answered my millions of questions and led me to make the right choice. I may be biased but my baby girl is the sweetest and most adorable girl ever!!! These dogs are SMART. She has been so easy to train and truly added so much joy to my life. When I am ready to get her a brother or sister, I will 100% be using Dallas Doodles again!

The Radford Family – Atlanta, Georgia


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Thank you for the most amazing experience I could have ever possibly had. From the second I called Ashley, I knew she was a knowledgeable and experienced breeder. She even sat on the phone with me as I sent pics of what I wanted and she went through each one teaching me what furnishings and different coats were, explaining the chromosomes and everything that you need know about breeding mini goldendoodles ethically. When it came time to pick between the cutest litter ever, she walked me through their personalities and helped me pick the best fit for me. Coda even got a folder full of information, microchipped and a goodie bag full of puppy necessities from toys, poop bag, leash, collar, bandana and a blanket from moms litter. Ashley goes over so much information you can tell she really cares about making sure they find a great home and is a call/text away. The transition felt so easy and seamless picking him up and taking him home. It’s been a little over a month of having our lil fur baby and he’s the sweetest, smartest and cutest guy ever, we love him so much. Forever grateful and highly recommend Ashley! I already know I’II be getting another one in the future 🙂

The Vo family – Frisco, Texas


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I would recommend Dallas doodles to everyone. Ashley made it all such a smooth process and kept us updated and informed about anything and everything that had to do with our fur baby. She is such an amazing breeder, she breeds the most perfect doodles. She recommended Minnie for our family and she couldn’t have been more on the money. She is truly so great at what she does. Will most definitely be buying from her again in the future. Thank you Ashley!

The Williams family – Dallas Georgia


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Where do I even start?! Jason and I cannot say enough good things about Dallas Doodles. In 2021 September to be exact we went to pick up our new puppy from Ashley. Little did I know that day would change my life in not one but two ways. I got engaged at Ashleys house to the man of my dreams with a beautiful new puppy! Not only was she honest, available anytime I had questions and dedicated to what she does she made me feel so at ease through the whole process. From the time we discussed coming onto that litter she even helped orchestrate the whole engagement with my now husband, including ordering custom bandannas for our engagement. Almost 2 years later we decided that our Winston, needed a brother or sister. We did not hesitate to reach out to Ashley as she won us over from our previous experience with Dallas Doodles. We brought home our second doodle from Ashley on June 1st. I cannot say enough about her care, dedication, and expertise in what she does. Whether you are the first pick or the last pick of the litter hands-down you are in the best hands. She works with every family to match the perfect puppy to fit their dynamic. You cannot go wrong with Dallas Doodles! We were the second to last pick with our first dog and middle of the pick on our second. Needless to say it doesn’t matter what number you are in the lineup as every doodle finds the home they’re meant for and the family they are supposed to be with. Just trust the process! We are so happy with both of our loving doodles, and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

The Lockhart/Shaull Family – Destin Florida


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I cannot express enough how impressed by the level of professionalism and care my puppy received by Ashley. Not only that, she has periodically checked in with me, gave advice, and has always responded to my questions as we navigate this new journey with our pup. The resources and attentive encouragement have been such a valuable support in learning how to care for our sweet Millie. I highly recommend Dallas Doodles and I’m so glad I opted for this breeder. I’m a thorough researcher and decided to go with Ashley even though I had found cheaper options. The level of quality assurance and the high-end breeding guarantee were characteristic of someone who is passionate about her pups and those she selects to adopt them. I’m extremely pleased, and highly recommend this ethical, supportive, professional breeder.

Raines family – Dallas, GA


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We had the best experience with Dallas Doodles & Ashley. Communicating with her was always quick and clear, while also professional and friendly. This was our first time getting a dog from a breeder, and after just 1 phone call with Ashley, we felt confident we found the right breeder for us. She gave us the utmost thorough explanation of her breeding program like her genetic standards and breeding for temperament, not only looks. It’s abundantly clear that she genuinely LOVES each and every dog in her program. And with that love comes excellent care for the parent dogs and puppies. Her home is immaculate, and her huge grassy property is dog heaven. On puppy pick up day, she was well prepared with paperwork and even a bag of goodies for us to take home too. She told us to reach out to her for anything, and we 100% believe she’ll be happy to keep in touch with us. She even suggested we put her as the back up contact for our puppy’s microchip. That is true commitment! We would recommend Dallas Doodles to anyone and everyone. Our precious puppy (Winifred) is the new light of our lives and not only is she ridiculously cute, she has an amazing balanced temperament. Everyone at our vet agrees with us too! Seriously, Dallas Doodles is excellent. 5 stars. Highly recommend. 🙂

Scannell Family – Georgia


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As I sat down with my laptop to write this review, I quickly began to realize how hard it is to put into words the impact Ashley Fuller has had on myself and our family. In March of this year, we lost our beloved family dog of 12 ½ years. We thought we could live without another dog in the house but we quickly came to realize that was absolutely not the case.

After weeks of searching, I came across the Dallas Doodles link on GANA. I noticed Ashley’s cell phone number was listed and figured it was worth a shot to text her for information. Ashley quickly responded and we set up a time that day to discuss. Our “short phone call” turned into a 45 minute conversation. I have never felt so at ease on the phone with a complete stranger. After having a second phone call the next day with Ashley and our entire family, we instantly knew this was the breeder for us.

During the whole adoption process, Ashley updated us weekly with pictures, videos and phone calls. I have never felt so involved all the way from New Jersey to Georgia. We soon realized we would need to fly from NJ to GA to pick up our new bundle of joy and Ashley was with us through the whole process of booking our tickets (on speaker phone going through flight options, puppy transport, hotel options, you name it she was involved.) Ashley even answered all of my worried “dog mom” texts at 11:45pm.

The moment we met Ashley in the hotel in GA she greeted us with the biggest hug and smile. Ashley prepared us with everything we needed for the hotel stay, flight and our future with our puppy.

They say all of the people that come in and out of your life are all for a reason and our family needed Ashley more than we can even describe. The love for dogs Ashley has is unimaginable and needs to be put on the highest pedestal compared to all dog breeders.

Our family cannot thank you enough from the bottom of our hearts for the lasting impact you have had on us and giving us the puppy we needed to turn our darkest times into the brightest. The emptiness in our house has been filled and we could not have done it without you.

If you are thinking of adopting a doodle from Ashley, RUN DO NOT WALK!!! I promise the waitlist is 100% worth it!

-The Koonjy Family
New Jersey

We could not think of a better way to honor Ashley and Dallas Doodles than to name our new puppy, Dallas! 💙

Koonjy Family – New Jersey


I highly recommend working with Ashley and Dallas Doodles. Right from our first communication, Ashley was professional and clear with all of her responses. I had many questions about the breed and the process since this is both my first time going through a breeder and having a golden doodle. Ashley always answered my questions thoroughly and never made me feel like I was bothering her. There are a lot of things about the breed we didn’t understand and Ashley sent pictures and took the time to help us decide the right dog for our family. I would say that is something she is very good at. Figuring out the right dog for the right people. We ended up with a dog that can put up with my 5 year old chasing him around the house and also my 7 year old who wants to snuggle. Having the puppies in her home with her own family makes them stand out as well adjusted right from the start. I also want to mention that our puppy came just about potty and crate trained which is unheard of in an 8 week old puppy. Whatever Ashley is doing, it is working. Wally is a wonderful addition to our family and people are constantly stopping us on the street to tell us what a beautiful dog he is. He is stunning. Ashley keeps you up to date with pictures of the litter as they grow and by pick day you really feel like you know these dogs. Working with Ashley was a lovely experience from start to finish and I can’t thank her enough for such a wonderful puppy!
Jessica Sawyer, Maplewood NJ

Sawyer Family – New Jersey


Review Time:

I wanted to say how much we love our new family member Harley. I did a lot of research on Goldendoodles and got a lot of misleading information. After speaking with Dallas Doodles I was comfortable with her knowledge. She spent time talking to me on what I was wanting in a dog. She took the time to understand what I was looking for. she asked if I could wait for the right litter, she would match the right dog to me. WOW! she was awesome. Could not have found our baby if not for Dallas Doodles. The dog she suggested for us is perfect. I would recommend Dallas Doodles to anyone that wants a new puppy, take her advise and you will be more than happy with your new addition. My grandson, son, and husband all love Harley and want to thank Dallas Doodles for all the time and love they put into their Dogs, you can tell they love what they do.
The Santos Family

Santos Family – Georgia


Like most families, we suddenly found ourselves at home in the Spring of 2020. We thought this would be the perfect time to adopt a puppy since we had so much time to give. After exhaustive searches throughout all the shelters in Atlanta, we came up short. All the puppies had been adopted. We then decided to look for a breeder for the ideal dog for our family. A knowledgeable friend, Blaire French, recommended Dallas Doodles to us. One look at their website and we were so excited to learn more.
We contacted Ashley and were immediately sold based on her expertise, integrity and professionalism. She assessed our needs, homelife and personalities to help us determine what dog may fit our family. Once we were on our litter list, she regularly updated us with photos, videos and livestreams up until the day we picked our puppy.
Ashley is honest with you from the beginning and treats you with the utmost respect and integrity. She insures each puppy’s health is perfect or she will not pair you with that puppy. This is extremely important when dealing with unfamiliar breeders. We had a special situation in that we were going to be flying with our puppy once we picked it up. Ashley advised us throughout the entire process making sure we had all documentation, carrier and airline information.
Finally, Ashley does treat all her Dallas Doodle families like her own family. She will answer all texts, emails and phone calls as soon as possible. I never had to wait longer than a few hours for a response from Ashley. That, my friends, is top notch customer service. I truly believe that if Ashley were not doing this wonderful work, she could be running a Fortune 500 company. I give Ashley and Dallas Doodles the highest rating and recommendation. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

French Family – Georgia


My family welcomed our beloved doodle, Merlin, into our home this past June. He came to us uncertain of his new surroundings, but quickly embraced us as we did him. Since then, he has shown us tremendous affection; he wants little more than to be near us at any given time.

Beyond his sweet disposition, we found him intelligent and quick to adapt. He learned social cues and picked up on what behaviors were acceptable and unacceptable faster than any other dog we had in the past. This quality in particular was extremely important to us, as we have a young child and it was important for our new pup to quickly learn how to act around her. It has been a great relief to know that he respects her and behaves as well with her as he would with an adult.

Our entire family just melts when they are around this little guy. His adorable face, beautiful coat, and funny personality has made him popular with everyone he meets. We are very fortunate to have found such a wonderful dog for our family, and much of the credit goes to Merlin’s breeder, Ashley.

Ashley spent plenty of time talking to my wife and I, trying to get a sense of who we were and what kind of dog would work best for our lives. While many of the breeders we spoke to were content to simply tell us whether or not they had a puppy for sale, Ashley went several steps further to make sure that she had the right puppy for us. She did her absolute best to assess the personalities of each of her pups to make sure that they were matched with the right homes, where they could thrive. And thanks to her diligence and care, we were matched with a dog that exceeded our best expectations.

We love our little Merlin and could not be happier with our decision.

Ayaz Family – Connecticut


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I want to give Ashley and Dallas Doodles a 5 Paw, Yay, Good Job Review! Ashley is just the best in breeders you will find. I searched for someone like Ashley when my 12 year old Goldendoodle was declining. I wanted a great breeder I could communicate well and had high breeding standards and I found it in Ashley.
I now have a very bright, very healthy, bundle of joy with a lovely temperament. Ashley crate trained Monet and her 9 sibs and it really helped. Mo was sleeping through the night in her crate on the third night. As far as potty training, I had not used potty pads previously and I texted Ashley on day two of being home and she helped me with the transition and now Monet is successfully out on the grass and doing very well. Her only accidents are my mistakes.
One of the pictures below is Mo in her stroller which at first she was afraid of and now she loves so I can socialize her as well as possible before she gets all her parvo shots. She loves Everyone and Everyone loves her, joggers, babies, kids, and dogs. I have really appreciated how much socialization Ashley did with the pups. Monet has adapted really quickly and even when the Blue Angels flew over yesterday during her training she just looked up and seem to shrug and said “where is the treat?” Thanks Ashley you are the best!

Lorenz Family – California


Our family chose “light blue” from Georgia and Cash’s winter 2021 litter. We named him Toby for the meaning “God is good” after losing my 10 and 14 year old fur babies to cancer within the same year. It was a devastating time and Toby is just what we needed. After the first fur baby passed, we started looking online at breeds that would be good with children and came across Dallas Doodles. A call was scheduled with Ashley and after we spoke, I knew she was the breeder for us. Ashley is knowledgeable, honest and very easy to talk to. She has a true passion for these puppies and creates a wonderful environment to start their life in. We were very nervous about being pick number 7 out of 9 puppies but it worked out perfectly. There were still 2 of my “top 3” favorites and Ashley was able to describe their personalities to determine which would be a better fit for our growing family. Toby is so sweet, cuddly, doesn’t shed and is wonderful with our daughter. We love him so much already and couldn’t be more thankful for him and Dallas Doodles!

LaFlamme Family – Georgia


This boy….I am obsessed with him. This is going to be a LONG review so stick with me. Our sweet girl died Jan 2021. It was sudden and traumatic. I knew that doodle waiting lists were roughly 8 months to a year as we have several friends who have them. So not even a week after our girl passed, I started doing my research. I called and emailed multiple places. Our first dog was rescued from a puppy mill and she was a product of backyard breeding. She had arthritis by age 7 and a whole heap of problems. I didn’t want to go through that pain again. I wanted the best of the best. I connected with Ashley and as soon as we spoke I already knew she was the one. Most of the other places would only answer emails and kept all their mama doodles on the property. Then, they would adopt them out. I hated that. Ashley explained to me her breeding process and it sealed the deal. She even encouraged me to sleep on it to make sure she was the one. I didn’t need to. I told my husband as soon as we hung up, that she was it. I didn’t make a single phone call after that or answer any of the emails from the numerous other places I had contacted.

Fast forward to us bringing him home. The day we went to pick him up I randomly got very, very sick. I was dizzy, crying and just sick. I was devastated I couldn’t go hug Ashley and thank Reese ;). I was worried I wouldn’t be able to hold him because I was physically getting ill. The car ride home was 14 hours and we were driving straight home. My husband went in to get him and when he brought him out, I was in love. Somehow he calmed some nerves, the meds kicked in and my prayers were answered. I was able to hold him for 2 hours and I stopped getting sick. He did AMAZING on the drive home. Funny enough, I had originally wanted a girl, but my son was sold on Royal Blue. I had even asked Ashley to “sell” me the girl I had my eye on when it was “puppy pick day” so my son wouldn’t be disappointed. In my mind, I had already picked. Ashley Fuller encouraged me to just take a look at him. Well, he chose us. He was licking the camera, playing all over Ashley and we just knew he was the one. Miles is a character. He is pretty much fearless and he learns quickly. He is smart, goofy, sweet, playful, and adorable. He is just perfect for our family. He fits right in with our loud, silly family. He definitely knows I am the mama and we already have a very close and obvious bond. I am truly in love with him and Dallas Doodles. We would like another in the next couple years and I will not go anywhere else. If you made it this far, thank you! Ashley Fuller If you need a shorter review, I will be happy to write one of those as well ;).

Shilling Family – Texas


We are so grateful to be a part of the Dallas Doodle family! We are lucky enough to get to love on not one, but two, of the future mamas for Dallas Doodles. Ashley made being a guardian home such a positive experience that we decided we wanted to do it times two, so we added Ellie Mae to our family about a year after adding June Bug. These girls are so smart, and do amazingly well with our three kiddos, one of whom has extra needs. They are a wonderful addition to our family, and we are beyond blessed to have them! Thank you Ashley for all you have and continue to do for these babies!

Elrod Family – Georgia


⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Feeling so unbelievably grateful for the Fuller family right now. Seamus, originally Royal Blue from Nala’s litter, is the pup our family always dreamt about and the Fuller family made it our reality. He’s been here only a few days and has already settled in beautifully. From head to toe, Seamus is exactly what we wanted and that’s no accident. Seamus is so perfect because of Ashley’s care for our furry friends and listening to the family’s needs with intent and care. She’s a true professional!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much Dallas Doodles!

Callaghan Family – Florida


I have sung Ashley’s praises from the very first time we chatted on the phone (sometime in the Fall of 2021) and I will never stop!

I’d been making calls to several goldendoodle breeders around that time and the one thing that stood out about Ashley right away was the tone in her voice. This might seem small but there was no one else I’d spoken to who was as pleasant and professional as Ashley.

She took the time to have that preliminary chat with me and I knew if we were going to get a dog it would have to be from Dallas Doodles!

Ashley has been honest, transparent and patient, every step of the way. She has guided my husband and I graciously along the way!

Our little (but not so little anymore) Georgia has adjusted oh so well and there’s no other pup I’d want at my feet around the clock!💗 She’s smart and a total tease, and has brought so much joy even amidst the added need for coffee!😆

Ashley, thank you 10x over for being the best! You love what you do and it shows. These puppies are born into an environment of love and care and I am so grateful you entrusted one to my hubby and I!

James Family – Georgia


After researching and talking to so many breeders, we were unsure whom we should go with. Then we came across Dallas Doodles. After my first conversation with Ashley, I knew we would get our puppy from Dallas Doodles. She is very upfront about the process, and the effort she puts in to raise these fur babies till they go to their families is just fantastic. She kept us posted throughout the process and will reply immediately if we have any questions. Leo (Izzy’s Black male) came home crate trained, and he loves his crate. Thanks to Ashley!!
We are first-time dog parents. I had a lot of questions, and Ashley answered all my questions during our very first conversation itself. Even now I know I can contact Ashley anytime if I ever have any questions about Leo. She is the best!!

Ankareddy Samireddi Family – Georgia


After doing hours and hours of research on golden doodle breeders, I came across Ashley Fuller and Dallas Doodles. I read review after review and instantly quit my search knowing that Ashley was the breeder for us. All of the reviews I read were spot on! She truly cares so much for every fur baby she breeds. Ashley was soooo super patient with all of my questions and trust me, I had quite a few. Tatum (white girl/Izzy’s liter) came to us extremely socialized and crate trained!!! Tatum loves her crate and is such an easy going princess! Our baby girl loves everyone she comes across! Our family is now complete with Tatum. She was worth the wait and we owe it all to Ashley!

Gage Family – Massachusetts


Dads Review
Review… Ashley at Dallas Doodles, where do I even start?! She and her husband raise absolutely, the most amazing puppies and are amazing people to work with! She responds to all text, email, and phone calls because she cares so much and they are just overall amazing people! She loves her future baby owners as much as she loves the baby doggies! She makes sure the transition is so smooth into new baby, doggie, parenthood! She and her team is amazing!! I could not recommend anyone better!
As far as the pup, he is so great, he was able to play fetch on the first day and brought the ball right back to me with happiness all over his face! This may be rare, but he is so happy and Ashley did a great job because we had no missing of his mommy the first night or now (not saying this will always happen, but this is just a first-hand account ( and I have no idea if this is rare?!)) I am amazed by the Dallas Doodles team! Ashley and her team could not have done any better! I wish I could rate her and her team a 20+! Thanks so much to them, many thanks and many wishes for happy homes of puppies we love and love us!!!

Moms Review
Our baby Winston from Izzy‘s summer litter 2021 is nothing but amazing and a joy to our lives! He is precious, caring, loving, and kind. We get compliments on him all the time on his mannerisms and how beautiful he is just walking down the street. Thank you so much Dallas doodles! We are so grateful for our bundle of joy! He is our world!

Lockhart Family – Florida


After nearly a year of begging my husband to agree to a puppy, and a few months of searching for the right breeder, we found Dallas Doodles! Right off the bat, I could tell that Ashley is passionate about her mommas, the puppies and the families that get to take them home! Between the early socialization, exposure to her kids, personality summaries and so many other amazing details, Ashley helped us add the perfect addition to our family! I loved being able to read about the different personalities to try and find who would be the right fit for our family and lifestyle. Trying to find the next addition to the family is such a daunting mission, but Ashley had so much patience and advise that made the process so much easier! Lemon is the perfect fit for our family and we have Ashley to thank for her.

Hensley Family – South Carolina


Dallas Doodles and the Fuller Family were amazing! We have a beautiful and happy Bernedoodle Ashley was kind enough to donate to our daughter to be trained to be her service dog. Phoebe is so bright and lovable and has bonded with our daughter and is quick to learn her service cues. I greatly appreciate that Ashley took the time to assist us with working with a trainer in order to assess the best puppy for the job. We will continue to keep you posted on Phoebe’s journey! We cannot thank you enough and I look forward to adopting another puppy from you after our daughter takes Phoebe off to college. Best dog we’ve ever had!!

Cruz Family- Donated Service Dog by Dallas Doodles – Georgia


I can’t say enough positive things about Dallas Doodles. I am a mom of 7 kiddos 14 and under and spent 2 years finding the right breeder and puppy for our family. Ashley with Dallas Doodles took on the challenge of matching us with our perfect pup and meeting our unique needs and she did not disappoint. Her breeding program met all of our requirements: healthy dog parents that were well cared for, clean and safe environment for pups, well socialized pups, and a breeder that really took the time to get to know the pups and their temperments and do everything they could to match the pups with familes that were a good fit, and not to mention absolutely beautiful puppies. There are many great breeders to choose from but dealing with Dallas Doodles didn’t feel like a business transaction but more like becoming a part of a family. Ashley supports familes every step of the way including after adoptions. She is knowledgeable, professional, patient (I had a million questions), and reassuring. I highly recommend choosing Dallas Doodles.

Jackson Family – Georgia


I spent many hours searching for a goldendoodle breeder, it was not easy. It seems like there are not a lot of breeders in california. After countless hours of searching, I came across Dallas doodles and contacted Ashley Fuller. She was so easy to talk to and answered all my questions. I explained what my family was looking for and Ashley gave us exactly what we wanted. I actually was considering another male puppy from this litter, but she told me based on my families needs, another puppy would be a better fit. I am so glad we went with her recommendation. Our baby boy Cooper who is 6 months old, is the most amazing puppy. My family is totally in love with him. He is so friendly, loves children, and loves to give hugs. From day one he showed us that he’s not a dog that wants to be put in a crate or fenced in, rather he wants to be one of the kids and be with his family. House training him was so easy. He truly is a great little boy, excepts when he takes our flip flops and runs wanting us to chase him! 🤣 We can’t thank Ashley enough for breeding this amazing dog. Also forgot to mention that she put us in touch with this gentleman that flew with him on the plane, it made the whole process super easy. We highly recommend Ashley if you are looking for a trust worthy breeder and healthy, wonderful puppy, she’s the one to go to.

The Coleman Family – California


Hello! I remember scrolling through Facebook one day and seeing the most adorable puppy I have ever seen, of course…Dallas Doodles. I immediately messaged Ashley. She was looking for a guardian home, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. We picked up our sweet puppy Ellie aka Vanellope , July 9th. There is not one doubt in my mind that this is the best thing I have ever done for my daughter & myself. Ellie has the absolute best temperament, her coloring is perfect (she looks like a teddy bear), she is such a loving pup, and she completes our family. Ashley took the time to pick the most perfect dog for our family. I will forever praise her for the thoughtful consideration and really knowing what we needed. Ashley and her family are part of our family now. We are forever grateful.

Ellie Family –


Mac is the perfect addition to our family and we can’t thank Ashley and the Fuller family enough.
We were some high maintenance clients for Ashley, as we had some real specific criteria we were looking for in the temperament of our pup. Ashley was so patient and helpful in walking us through the process and pairing us up with the absolute perfect companion. Mac has the most amazing balance of independence, curiosity and sensitivity, and it surely has everything to do with his early exposure to informed animal lovers like Ashley and her family.

Mac’s been an absolute joy – cute as a button and smart as a whip. He’s been a true celebrity on the streets of NYC too, we can’t make it out the door without everyone needing to know just everything about him, not to mention total amazement by his velvety-soft coat!
❤️ This little cutie completes our little pack, and I couldn’t be happier to have found my forever go-to at Dallas Doodles when we’re ready for pup number 2 and beyond! Thanks you Ashley!!

Mac Family – New York


People ask… you live in Maryland, why did you go all the way to Georgia for your adorable puppy Oakley? The answer of course is Ashley Fuller & Dallas Doodles.The moment we talked to Ashley, we knew she would be the breeder for us.  She was open, honest and took so much time to answer our questions.  She asked about our family and our housing to ensure we had proper accommodations to take care of one of her precious puppies. Ashley remained brutally honest throughout the entire process. She told us the estimated timetable our puppy would be going home with us and that she unfortunately didn’t have control over Mother Nature. Ha!While we were anxiously waiting for our future family member, we were excited to see litter photos and videos that were sent frequently. But the absolute best surprise of all was Oakley, at 8 weeks, came to us potty and crate trained!!! Seriously, he’s only had a handful of accidents and had no issues sleeping in the crate — even on the first night.

Ashley & Dallas Doodles Rock!

Oakley has be in the sweetest addition to our family. He has literally brought our teenagers out of their bedrooms and into the family room in the evenings. That’s no small feat. He loves playing fetch, learning new things, squeaking his favorite toys and chilling out. We can’t wait to take him on more adventures soon. Thank you again Ashley (Chloe and Reese) & Dallas Doodles. 😘
To follow Oakley on Instagram: @Oakley.Doodle420

Oakley Family – Maryland


A big THANK YOU to Ashley (Dallas Doodles) for our Lola.  My wife and I researched quite a bit and found Ashley to be extra responsive and even took time to understand if we were ready for one of her precious pups. Ashley’s organizational responsiveness and overall love for her dogs made the commitment seamless.  Since picking up Lola, Ashley has been in contact to ensure everything is going well and we are very appreciative of the constant communication. If you and/or your family are thinking of introducing these wonderful dogs into your home, I would go no further than giving Ashley a call.  Thanks, Ashley and Dallas Doodles!

Maia Family –


We are so grateful to have found Dallas Doodles and Ashley and to have the most amazing puppy in the world, our little Teddy. After finding Dallas Doodles through the Goldendoodle Association of North America, we reached out and Ashley responded within 24 hours. Within a couple of days, we set up a phone interview, and after an hour-long call, Ashley thankfully determined that she could trust us with one of her babies. We are so lucky! Ashley was there with us from day 1 to puppy pick to going home weekend and beyond. She is incredibly responsive and keeps everyone updated. When Teddy came home, he was sweet, loving, and ready to play right away.

He is amazing with kids and other dogs in our building, and everyone knows and loves Teddy for his kind demeanor and friendliness—we are confident that this is the work of Ashley and Dallas Doodles. Ashley also breeds the most beautiful and intelligent puppies who are quick-learners. We highly recommend Dallas Doodles to anyone looking for a doodle to join their family.

Conza Family – DC


From our very first conversation, Ashley made me feel comfortable and never hesitated to answer the MANY questions I had at every step along the way. When I started the journey to find and bring home a new puppy for our family, it was not a decision made lightly. I researched and worried and in the end, with the help of Ashley, we ended up with the perfect puppy for our family.

I live a state away from Ashley and Dallas doodles and wasn’t able to come to puppy pick day. I never thought I could choose a puppy without meeting it in person, but Ashley held my hand (virtually and over the phone) and helped me to make a confident decision. While I am sure there wasn’t a bad choice to be made, our puppy really is a perfect fit. She is smart, sweet, and oh so very beautiful. Ashley is passionate about her puppies and supportive of those who welcome a Dallas Doodles puppy into their home.

Kemp Family – Florida


Dallas Doodles and Ashley Fuller are the best in the business. My wife and I found Ashley on GANA. We reached out to Ashley in June while she was on vacation with her family. She answered our call and answered all of our questions. She was very professional, personable, and knowledgeable about the breed. She invited us to join the Dallas Doodles Family on Facebook, which made us feel apart instantly. We knew we were making a great choice. Ashley communicated and kept us informed about everything for the next few months. When it was time to select our puppy, she wanted to make sure we had the perfect puppy for our family. We had the opportunity to select our puppy in person and we had a great experience. We sat with Ashley and the puppies for about two hours and she made us feel like family.

It was a hard decision for my wife and I because we wanted them ALL. She was so kind to let me and my wife discuss our decision over dinner. We decided on (green boy) now known as Kobe and he is the perfect fit for our family. Kobe was a Christmas surprise for our kids. Our original pick-up date was 12/18 but Ashley was so kind to give us extra time and allowed us to pick up our Kobe on 12/23 so that we could make the surprise extra special for our kid’s on Christmas. My kids will remember that moment forever and for that, I have Ashley Fuller and Dallas Doodles to thank. She was truly a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her and the Dallas Doodles Family.

Minyard Family – Georgia


We were looking for a happy and healthy Golden doodle, and had the good fortune to run across the Dallas Doodles website. We did our homework up front, and saw the great reviews, which alleviated our concerns about getting a pup so far from the northeast where we live. Ashley’s knowledge of the breed, and concern for a good match were evident right from the start. We quickly knew that we had the right person to assist us in finding our newest family member.

We eagerly awaited the litter, and she kept us updated all along the way. When the time for puppy selection came along, she helped us make an informed choice, and it worked out great. The flight home from Atlanta to Philly went smoothly – she slept the whole way home! Once home, she quickly adapted to her new surroundings, and bonded with her forever family. Georgia is the sweetest girl we could ever have hoped for! I can honestly tell you, don’t think twice if you are searching for a new pup. We highly recommend Dallas Doodles, and breeder Ashley Overton-Fuller!

Reuther Family – New Jersey


Hi Ashley!
We’re couldn’t be more please with our little Cooper, we all love him so much. He’s such a good boy! To anyone out there even considering Dallas Doodles as a breeder, do it! Our experience was wonderful, and we don’t even live locally. I can’t even imagine how much easier it would have been. It was still worth it, we drove from Austin Texas to get our sweet boy. It all started with my sister in law getting her doodle from Ashley. The first time I met him I was impressed at how good he was.

So calm, sweet, and was he adorable! That was the start of us learning about Dallas Doodles, we knew if a dog was in our future that was what we wanted for our family. We have a 2 year old little boy and 4 year old little girl, so we needed a pup that could hang with the chaos yet be good for my kids to love on. We started the processes. Ashley was so good at keeping us updated on the process of momma Chloe and the pups. We received pictures and videos often. Since we were so far away we did have to FaceTime to see the pups, and pick out our little guy. We made the trip to get our boy, Cooper. Came home and we are ALL in love with him. He’s a quick learner. We crate trained him immediately, took him a couple days to get it. The house training also came fast! We have been impressed with his ability to be so good and gentle with our kids. He’s our new family member and I can’t imagine our lives without him. Thank you Ashley, for taking such good care of all your pups and being such a caring and loving breeder

Mayberry Family – Texas


Working with Ashley has been a pleasure. I wish more people ran their businesses like her. The communication was outstanding, there were no surprises, and she was upfront and honest so that our family could make the best decision about our puppy. I’m certain your family will be as pleased as we are. I highly recommend her.

Spencer Family – Georgia


We could not have been happier with the adoption process for our Majure. It was almost a year process but well worth the wait. It’s only been four weeks with our boy but he’s been an amazing puppy. He is essentially housebroken and following commands. His size, coat, and temperament are exactly what we were looking for. We get compliments all the time on Majure and are frequently asked where we adopted him. We don’t hesitate to recommend Ashley and Dallas doodles and will gladly continue to do so.

McKenzie Family – Georgia


In the midst of our country’s pandemic, I made the decision to travel across the country to pick up a Dallas Doodle puppy that we’ve been waiting for months.  It was one of the BEST decisions in my life!  Theo is a healthy, loving, fun puppy who has brought so much joy to our family during these challenging times.  I knew from the first time I spoke to Ashley that being a breeder was not just a business for her.  She cares and raises these pups with all the love and attention as an owner before they go to their families.  From crate-training to scheduling to socializing, Ashley begins the process of a well-mannered dog and makes the transition for a new family that much easier.  Ashley is knowledgeable and has been beyond helpful throughout the entire process, even staying in touch and offering advice/tips long after pick up day.  She truly loves what she does, and just wants what is best for her puppies and families.  I can’t recommend Ashley enough!  Thank you, Ashley, for our beautiful, special Theo!

Niimi Family – California


I couldn’t not be more happy than I am right now with this girl from Dallas Doodles. She is absolutely amazing and full of life and exactly what this family needed. This would not have been possible without Ashley Fuller. She is so great and beyond helpful and is always there when I have questions. Can’t wait to watch this girl grow up. Thank you Dallas Doodles.

Uzzel Family – Marietta, Georgia


Our family was in the market for a family pet and we had several very specific requirements for the new dog that was going to enter our lives. After doing months of research, we landed on a breed (the Goldendoodle), but then a much more difficult search began, which was from where/who would we get our new family member.
After some thoughtful and diligent research, we came across Ashley and Dallas Doodles. It was clear from the very first phone call (that she took while in the middle of a beach vacation with her family, I might add) that she was gong to be the best breeder for our new pet. Ashley’s extremely thoughtful, detail oriented, family first, professional, OCD when it comes to cleanliness (never thought I’d have to call this out, but some breeders just are not of the same mindset – which was a no go for us), and caring. She’s very loving her new puppies and is insistent on making sure that each family gets what they are looking for when it comes to a new family pet. So much so that she will even provide some other breeders as recommendations if her pups are not a good fit for a particular family.

With that said, our little boy – Koa – is a great fit for our family. He’s energetic, fun loving, people friendly of all ages, very curious, not frightened, and happy – with a touch of mischievous streak. He’s a fan favorite of everyone who meets him. Koa came to us very much crate trained by Ashley, which is a huge help for us given that we’re first time dog owners, and he’s extremely well rounded. Loves to play fetch, great temperament, good with training (as much as you would expect from a very young pup), and is eager to please. Ashley also provided us with detailed info on how to adjust to life with a new puppy, food recommendations, a suggested schedule, and is always available to us via phone – all of which were a great help to us.

We’re grateful to Ashley as a breeder, as Koa has been a great addition. Our kids absolutely adore him and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. Above everything I’ve noted thus far, one thing I should also call out is Ashley’s desire to be involved after the fact. She’s very communicative during the process of getting Koa, but after he’s been home with us, we communicate frequently about the various questions we have as new dog owners. Though not with her, Koa is very much a member of her extended family as well, and we appreciate her desire to keep up with Koa’s life with us after he left her care.
Overall a wonderful experience and we highly recommend Dallas Doodles.

Shah Family – Georgia


This review has taken me a while to write because there is really no way to express how amazing Ashley is, but I am going to try to tell you. Here are only some of the reasons that you should choose Ashley and Dallas Doodles.
1.       Her caring is unparalleled = Ashley is there for you 24/7and I could not be more grateful. I know that I can text her and call her anytime. She is involved before, during, and after you get your baby. She loves updates, checks in on you, and answers any and all questions I have had.
2.       Her dogs come out amazing = The time, love, socialization, and training she puts into her puppies is incredible! She works with the puppies on puppy training, crate training, and socialization before I even got my puppy. He was sleeping through the night in less than two weeks, and this very much reflects her time and dedication.
3.       The puppies have great personality and looks = She knows what she is doing when breeding puppies. My pup is the perfect balance of playful, sweet, loving, and mischievous… not to mention he is adorable. I have gotten so many compliments on have sweet he is.
4.       Her attention to detail = Ashley always did the little things that mattered. She would bathe the puppies before I came over, trim their hair when needed, take constant photos of the pups, and a lot of other little details. Her house was clean, comfortable, and welcoming. It is a great place for you puppy to start out.
These are only a few of the things you get when you choose Ashley and Dallas Doodles. I would get dogs from her over and over and have already recommended her to a few friends. If you choose Ashley, you won’t regret it! Thank you Ashley for everything, from the bottom of my heart

Ann Marie – Georgia


We are very blessed to have found the Fuller Family.  When searching for our puppy to be we came across Dallas Doodles which my Mom thought is was in Dallas, Texas! The distance didn’t matter because we knew right away that  Ashley is a wonderful breeder and person.  When I was a young child and young adult I was around many breeders as my Mom used to show her dogs.  During our process with Ashley and Dallas Doodles I have never been so involved in the adoption process of our future puppy. 

She is amazing at what he does and is very passionate about her puppy’s and  the breeding process.  We could not have asked for any better customer service than we received with Ashley.  Our boy, Bentley was born on Oct. 12th 2019 he will be 12 weeks old tomorrow. He is a very sweet and loving little boy! We are so happy to have him and to have found the Fuller Family.

The Cayer Family – Texas


Our kids were dreaming about a puppy for some time. I was hesitant about it, since my son has mild asthma and a lot of respiratory allergies. I was worried that getting a dog would trigger his allergies even more. But I decided to try anyway, he also has autism so a golden doodle would be the best choice for our family, because it’s a kid friendly and hypoallergenic.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision. We got White, a very sweet, playful and beautiful girl. She has brought so much joy to our family, a perfect addition and she hasn’t affected my son’s health. We our also so lucky to find Ashley and her family, she was super professional since the beginning. She answered all my questions, offered to help me with any future ones and gave me all the details about the puppy transition in general. That made me feel more secure about bringing White which became Mel to our home.

The Pereira Family –


I can’t even begin to explain how grateful I am that I found Ashley and Dallas Doodles when I was researching where to get our first puppy! Being a first time dog owner I had a lot of questions and Ashley was so patient and helpful every step of the way. I was so happy to find a breeder that would not only keep the puppies in her home and begin socializing them with her 3 kids and 2 dogs, but also begin the crate training process to make the transition to our home easier and keep in touch and help out even after we took the puppy home. Now that we have our sweet Zoey home, we couldn’t be happier! Thanks to Ashley’s continued support (which consisted of daily phone calls and texts as I was a nervous new momma) and an amazingly smart pup she is now 14 weeks old, stays in her crate 8 hours at night, follows basic commands like sit, shake and stay and rarely has accidents.

She is friendly to all the kids and adults and dogs that are continually coming by our home and we are all smitten and eternally grateful to Ashley! I have already referred two friends her way and if we decide to get a second puppy down the road I know exactly where we will go! Thank you Ashley Fuller!

The Rupp Family – Georgia


We couldn’t have asked for a better experience finding our first dog. Ashley was not only informative and responsive, but also it was immediately apparent that she loved these puppies like her own. When we got Louie, he was already loving his crate, following commands, well on his way potty training, and well adjusted to kids and adults alike. It was clear that he had been given so much love in his first few weeks. He has the best temperament we could have asked for and he’s quite the looker too.

The Kiefer Family – Louisiana


A special thank you to Ashley Fuller (Dallas Doodles) for making our puppy adoption and the entire process seamless. She is so organized and provided us with all the information we needed and more for our first vet visit, she’s quickly answered our many questions, provided us with lots of advise on caring for our sweet boy! She even started crate and potty training and helped us easily continue. We couldn’t love our Finn more and are thankful to Ashley for all she does to make the transition as easy as possible.

The Monk Family – Alabama


The Parry Family From the moment we first spoke with Ashley about her puppies, to the day we picked up our Max was a very pleasant experience. We started with a conversation about the puppies, then quickly got access to photos. Ashley was well prepared and organized with the entire process of deposits, meeting the puppies, placing our pick of puppies, documentation and then the day we got our puppy, luckily the one we had seen and talked about from the very beginning. All our questions were answered quickly, and transition was easy with records, food and Max being ready to come home with us. Max is a happy, healthy, loving dog with great patience and love for the kids and the energy to keep up with them. He’s learned quickly, is mostly quiet unless he has something to tell us. All people are his friends, nothing scares him, but he let’s us know when he perceives any danger or stranger.

The Parry Family –


Some pics of Argo settling into life in Tennesee!! Day 3 and he is just darling. I thought the first weekend home would be a lot more stressful, but he’s adjusting amazingly well, using his puppy pads and picking up on commands very quickly. After the first night, he’s done a great job settling down in his crate at bedtime and pretty much sleeps through the whole night!

I know I have Ashley Fuller to thank you for getting this boy off to such a great start! Ashley was awesome to work with all the way through the adoption process – once I met her and the pups I knew I’d made the right choice getting on the list for this litter! I felt good knowing they were raised in a good family home and spent lots of time socializing and playing with her boys! Overall very happy with the decision and very glad to have Argo join my household!

Page Schmidt –


Graham is my first Goldendoodle and she is the sweetest girl. I did a lot of research and wanted a mini or medium size dog. She weighs approximately 25 lbs and is the perfect size. She has the friendliest personality and loves everyone. She has a beautiful, wavy coat that feels like velvet. She does not shed at all which is great since my son has allergies and I have asthma.

She is super smart and learned commands quickly. I was so impressed with the family we adopted her from. She was around children from the very beginning which makes for a friendly and well-adjusted puppy. And a big bonus was that she was already crate trained when I brought her home at eight weeks. Our family loves our precious girl and adopting her was the best decision!

The Glenos Family –


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