Available Puppies

Below is a list of upcoming litters for Dallas Doodles, along with the puppies which are spoken for and the expected availability.

Daisy Mae’s Litter


  1. Breeders Pick

Georgia’s Litter


1. Breeder pick
2. Breeder pick
3. Bullock family
4. Lee family
5. Aroomoogan family
6. Mahmoud family
7. Young family


Harley Mae’s Litter


  1. Breeder Pick
  2. Breeder Pick
  3. Simpson Family - Plymouth, CT

Nala’s Litter


  1. Breeders Pick

Teddy’s Litter


  1. Breeders Pick

Our Winter 2021 list is open. Please contact Ashley Fuller for more information by filling out the contact form or by calling by 404-579-3779.

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